Private Practice

Aurelie Athan, Ph.D. is a Columbia University affiliated and trained Licensed Psychologist with a specialization in Reproductive Psychology across the lifespan.

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Dr. Athan works individually with adults actively exploring "if/when/how" to become a parent and their psychological journey through the early transition to parenthood. She also supports ongoing family transitions as children age and parents naturally experience shifts in their own development. The professional development of parents and their work life is also an area of focus and support.


Dr. Athan provides supervision to non mental health professionals who work in the field of maternity and are seeking guidance with how to optimally and sensitively assist the mothers in their care. She also consults with schools or parents interested in designing reproductive literacy programs for young adults. Training in the form of seminars, lectures, or workshops are available.


Psychotherapy or coaching for individuals seeking support with reproductive transitions and beyond.

  • Reproductive decision-making, family planning, and infertility journeys
  • Pregnancy, surrogacy, adoption and new parenthood
  • Mid-life mothers in transition
  • Work-life considerations and professional development while parenting


Supervision and consultation is available to individuals or organization caring for mothers.

  • Supervision for independent maternal care practitioners (professionals and para-professionals)
    • Obstetricians, nurses/midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, lactation consultants, pre/postnatal health instructors, and others working with maternal wellness 
  • Consultation for organizations seeking to strengthen programming, services, or research agendas
  • Consultation to schools seeking to incorporate reproductive literacy into their sexual health curriculum


Training via workshops, lectures, and presentations is available on the subject of matrescence and the psychology of reproduction to your community. Topics include:

  • Reproductive literacy for pre-teens, adolescents, and emerging adults 
  • Matrescence and the transition to motherhood: risk and resilience
  • Mid-life development in mothers over 40
  • Spiritual formation and positive psychology in maternity